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ORANG F-15 Continuous Descent Test Period Begins

The Port of Portland’s Noise Management group issued a new Continuous Descent Fact Sheet today.


  • Oregon Air National Guard (ORANG) was APPROVED to start a 6-month test of expanded use of Continuous Descent Overhead Approach. The test will run from May 1 – Oct 31, 2017.
  • Details provided re background on military landing procedures at PDX.
  • Landing procedures distinguished – straight-in, overhead break, and continuous descent.

We encourage interested citizens click here to read the Port’s document. If you wish to engage in some more direct dialogue, please attend the ECNA Land Use Committee Meeting this coming Thursday, May 4th at 7pm – this topic is the focus for this meeting.

What: East Columbia NA Land Use Meeting
Date: May 4th, Thursday,  7:00 – 8:30 PM

Where: Columbia Community Church, 420 NE Marine Dr.

1. Introductions and announcements
2. F-15 ORANG overhead continuous landing discussion and strategy planning
3. Petition submissions
Note: petition deadline extended to this meeting date, May 4th
4. Follow up tasks and assignments
5. Recognition and thank you!

To gain context re petitions, please see this previous article – a recap of the ECNA April General Meeting. Note: petitions are still being collected even though the test period was approved. They will be presented as one component of community input to the Port on this matter.

Environmental Issues

Community Responds to the Guard’s Plan to Expand F-15 Fly-Overs

The April 11, 2017 ECNA Board Meeting sure was a lively night! We had a larger than typical crowd, as lots of folks wanted to hear about the newly announced plan to expand F-15 Fly-overs at the Oregon Air National Guard’s base at PDX. As discussion and details unfolded, temperatures began to rise.

The Guard’s plan was presented by the Port’s representative and Noise Analyst, Jerry Gerspach. We also had two Citizen’s Noise Advisory Committee (CNAC) members present, Kelly Sweeney and Karen Myer. The CNAC members are citizen volunteers charged with representing neighbors / residents when CNAC meets with the other parties involved, including The Guard, the FAA, and the Port of Portland (who “owns” the airport). Kelly and Karen got quite an earful as neighbors expressed their opposition to the Guard’s plan, and they promised to take the strong opposition response back to the table. But there is still considerable anxiety as the outcome is uncertain.

In the meantime, some long-time neighbors teamed up to get a petition drive started. If you’d like to get involved, you can print the petition, gather signatures, and relay them to the address in the petition footer by May 4th [date pushed out to ECNA Land Use Meeting, May 4th at 7pm @ 420 NE Marine Dr]. Here’s a link to the petition…

Petition to BLOCK Additional F-15 Fly-Overs by OANG at PDX

 The link above will take you to a PDF file that you can print, sign, and carry around and gather more signatures. (Feel free to make copies.) Just make sure to get any forms with signatures turned in by May 4th.

And, I’ve also set up an Online Petition, so if it’s easier for you, just use and Share this link…

ONLINE VERSION: Petition to Block F-15s Overhead

The online petition will be merged with the collected handwritten signatures, and they will ALL be turned in TOGETHER.

Lisa Latin

Environmental Issues

The Big Stink & Air Pollution In General

In case you haven’t heard about it (or smelled it…), we’d like to let you know that our neighbors on Hayden Island are going gangbusters to deal with an environmental issue they most unfortunately have to deal with far too often… The Big Stink!

Here’s a link to the website they put together that pretty well tells the story…

Portland North Harbor Neighbors – pdxnhn.org

Given the shifting winds around here, it’s not uncommon for some of that foul stench to blow our way. So, whether you’re motivated by civic involvement or olifactory self-interest, we encourage you to take a moment to check out their site and get involved.

More resources on The Big Stink – and air pollution issues in this area in general…

The Portland Tribune ran an article on March 7, 2017: The Big Stink on Hayden Island

Neighbors for Clean Air 

Volkswagen Settlement Fuels A Fight To Phase Out Dirty Old Diesel Engines

The Diesel You Breathe

Cleaner Air Oregon