Participate in the Climate Investment Plan development process

There are four major rounds of input in the CIP development process: 

Round 1: Project overview and accessibility survey (completed January 2023)

Before launching efforts to write a plan, we listened to what you needed to participate in the Climate Investment Plan process. Read the recap of what you told us and how we’ve responded.

Round 2: Community visioning and priorities (in progress)

We heard from a diverse range of stakeholders to develop a vision of what’s possible when we invest in community-grounded solutions to address the climate crisis.

We hosted three public workshops to collect input: one for community members, one for nonprofits, and an open virtual session. Also available was an online survey that asked the same questions as the public workshops, which provided an additional avenue for engagement. Roundtable conversations with subject matter experts were also convened to inform our strategies and solutions.

Round 3. Preliminary draft (March to April 2023)

Using information collected from workshops, subject-matter roundtables, relevant community studies, research, and best practices, a preliminary draft of the Climate Investment Plan will be released for public review and comment. The preliminary draft will contain proposed funding allocations, strategies, and goals. The following opportunities are available to provide input on the preliminary draft, which is anticipated to be released on March 15:

Round 4. Full Climate Investment Plan draft (May 2023)

After considering comments from the preliminary draft, PCEF staff will refine a full draft of the Climate Investment Plan and circulate it for public review and comment. The full draft will contain more detail on program elements and updated goals and strategies. The following opportunities will be offered:

  • May 2-16, 2023: Public comment period open for the full Climate Investment Plan draft
  • May 4: Virtual information session explaining the full Climate Investment Plan draft
  • May 10: Listening session #1
  • May 15: Listening session #2



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