Join us for a community conversation about Environmental Services and how we charge sewer and stormwater rates to deliver essential services

Environmental Services sets sewer and stormwater rates based on the cost of providing sewer and stormwater services, which are essential for protecting public health and the environment. Environmental Services staff are recommending an update to the way we charge rates. City and bureau equity and affordability goals have informed development of the recommended approach. 


It’s time to reach out to members of the public and our community partners to share our recommended approach and hear your feedback. We also have several specific technical questions that will benefit from community input. 

Who:     Representatives from community organizations, commercial and industrial businesses, and other interested Environmental Services ratepayers. 

Please note:  the technical discussion sessions will cover a lot of details. These sessions are meant to provide a deep dive into the findings of the technical analysis.  If this sounds like something you or someone you know may be interested in, RSVP at the link below.  Please feel free to forward this invite to others.

What:    A presentation and conversation about updating the way Environmental Services charges rates. 

When: We are offering three online sessions via Zoom at different times of the day/week so that people can choose which session works best for them. Please click the link below to register for the session you would like to attend.

Where: These discussions will take place online via Zoom.  Please RSVP at the link above.

Why:    Engagement with community members and ratepayers will help inform how BES implements the updated rate structure. Our hope is to engage with you in a way that allows for deep technical discussion while also giving space for people from non-technical backgrounds to contribute and learn.  

If you need language assistance or other assistance to be able to fully participate, please let us know. We will reach out to you directly to support your participation. 


Other Opportunities to Participate: 

Informational Presentations

Environmental Services will be offering more informal and less technical information sessions throughout the community. These informational presentations will occur throughout the spring and early summer.   

Office Hours 

Environmental Services employees will be available for one-on-one meetings for deeper conversations about specific technical topics or to answer specific questions in more detail.  

If you are interested in attending office hours or one of the informational presentations, or you would like to schedule a presentation for your organization or event, please let us know by emailing Aaron Abrams at Aaron.Abrams@Portlandoregon.gov or calling 503-823-2827. 

Council Adoption 

Changes are planned to go into effect starting in July 2024. Proposals will be voted on by City Council in the first half of 2024. 

Learn more about this project and sign up for project updates

You can learn more about this project by visiting the project website at portland.gov/BES/aligning-rates-and-charges.

Visit the project webpage to sign up for updates on how we invest in our system, and how we set and adjust our rates through our free GovDelivery subscription service. These updates are the best way to stay informed about what’s happening and what to expect. You can also sign up for bulletins on other projects and topics. 

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or comments.

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Aaron Abrams

Community Outreach Program Manager

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