What to do in an emergency

BEECN – News Letter article

November 2022

The Portland Bureau of Emergency Management (PBEM) sponsors BEECN (Basic Earthquake Emergency Communication Node) sites throughout the Portland area.  Both East Columbia and Bridgeton Neighborhoods are covered by BEECN NE-10.  After an earthquake, if telephone communications are out of service, the NE-10 BEECN site will set up near the soccer fields at the east end of NE Bridgeton Road.  Volunteers to staff the BEECN site come from both neighborhoods and there are openings for new participants. Can  YOU Help?  For more information contact: 

Gary Kunz garymkunz@comcast.net

Mary Shivell mvshivell@gmail.com 

PBEM Mission

Promote readiness, coordinate response, and build resilience for Portland. The Portland Bureau of Emergency Management (PBEM) develops and implements strategic planning, programs, and policies to continually advance the city’s mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery capabilities.

A BEECN is a temporary radio communications site staffed by at least two volunteers after a major earthquake that takes down phone lines. BEECNs are places where you can report severe damage or injury or ask for emergency assistance when phones are down.

It’s best if you can stay at home and remain self-sufficient until help arrives. If that’s not possible, go to a BEECN if you need to call for emergency assistance. To find the closest BEECN, either:

PBEM hopes to have BEECNs up and running within 24 hours of a major earthquake. The reality is that some sites will be activated before that, and others may take longer to establish depending on the damage caused by the quake.

BEECNs are primarily intended for communication purposes—requesting emergency assistance and reporting severe damage. But BEECNs will have information about where people can go to find food, water, shelter and other supplies. They are places for the public to go after a major earthquake to call for help.  For more information go to: