ECNA General Meeting Minutes

7:00 pm Wednesday

9 November 2022 


Columbia Community Bible Church


Gary Kunz, Patrick Henry, Sally Beck, Ron Beck, Karen Myers, Ron Myers, Shayla Garcia,

Steven Boyle, Jim Middaugh – MCDD, Lary England, Brian Luzader, 

A) Treasurer’s Report – Karen Myers

  • No report available, stuck in her computer

B) Sunderland SRV update – Gary Kunz

  • Gary explained that the operating contractor is not in place and City staff are unwilling to engage in Good Neighbor Agreement discussions.  Little information is being shared to the community by the City staff.

C) Jim Middaugh Executive Director of MCDD

  • Jim explained the changes in governance and revenue sources coming to the Drainage District.  He explained that it is possible that future, very rare, rain events could exceed the district’s pumping capacity, but building to handle such rare events would be prohibitively expensive.  Future flood and weather events are expected to differ from past decades but no one can predict the future and proposed changes coming to our infrastructure are based on affordability and expected events.

D) News Letter/Communications Shayla Garcia

  • Shayla explained her intentions and asked for input of information or articles.  She also gave a plea for involvement and community spirit.  It was polite and well received, and prompted a discussion about participation comparing ours to what we witnessed at the Bridgeton Neighborhood meeting.

E) Elections – Gary Kunz

  • There being fewer candidates than open positions, we filled Board Positions by acclamation.  The 2023 Board is as follows:
  • Ron Myers – Position 1
  • Gary Kunz – Position 2
  • Karen Myers – Position 3
  • Sally Beck – Position 4
  • Ron Beck – Position 5
  • Patrick Henry – Position 6
  • Helene Henry – Position 7
  • Vacant – Position 8
  • Shayla Garcia – Position 9