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New flood safety district

In June, the Oregon State Legislature passed legislation creating a new special district designed to meet long-term flood safety needs along the Columbia, while also allowing for improved environmental stewardship in the managed floodplain and a more equitable distribution of costs based on both services and benefits received.

This district will ultimately take over operating the local 27-mile levee system, which is currently managed by four drainage districts: Peninsula Drainage District #1 (PEN 1), Peninsula Drainage District #2 (PEN 2), Multnomah County Drainage District (MCDD), and Sandy Drainage Improvement Company (SDIC). First, a board of directors needs to be appointed to set up the new district and create a revenue structure to support it. 

Learn more about this new district, how things will change, what will stay the same, board positions, timelines, and much more. 

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Can’t make it on the 16th? Please let us know if you would be interested in discussing this issue at another time, or if you would like to have someone join your neighborhood association or community group to talk about what’s ahead for flood safety along the Columbia in Multnomah County.

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