City wide issues

Opening Wapato as a Wellness Recovery Center

Please consider joining nearly all the 94 Neighborhood Associations at Wapato tomorrow Friday at 11:00 am

to hear the latest development!!!

Jordan Schnitzer personally invites everyone from the Neighborhoods to attend! Jordan is optimistic that he has the missing pieces needed to finally plan ahead for using this 156,000 SqFt facility as a Recovery Center!

Please bring yourself and any neighbors who are interested in housing and treating our growing homeless problem!

Sorry for this extremely short notice; but this assembly was announced today at 3:00pm!

(Address: 14355 N Bybee Lake Ct.

West of I-5 on N Marine Dr.

Turn left on Leadbetter

Turn left onto Bybee Lake)


Jeff Geisler

Hayden Island <img data-goomoji=”1f334″ alt=”


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