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Native Tree Thinning Project at Columbia Children’s Arboretum

Good Afternoon All,

I want to let you all know of a special project we are conducting at Columbia Children’s Arboretum this winter that we hope won’t affect your use of the park. PPR will be removing native trees to improve the overall forest health at CCA in the next week or two.

As you know, thousands of trees, shrubs and ground covers have been planted at CCA to restore the ecological functions of the site.  However, several dozen of those trees have become so dense that in some areas of the forest they are choking each other out.  Most of the trees are so crowded that only the very top of the tree has any green canopy.  Additionally, the more complete shade under the trees has prevented native shrubs and ground covers from establishing, leading to reduced habitat value for animals, poor water quality in the nearby slough channels, and higher rates of homeless camping on the bare soil.

In the coming 2 weeks, some trees will be girdled so that they die slowly, providing snag habitat for the hundreds of bird, mammal and insect species that are found at CCA.  Other trees will be completely cut down and the wood will remain on the ground to enrich and de-compact the forest soil.  In Winter/Spring 2019, community members and school groups will be planting hundreds of shrubs and ground covers in the newly thinned areas.

Special care has been taken to select trees that are less than 12” dbh for removal and that are of varying sizes and species.  The goal is to have a forest with a diversity of tree species and ages.

This project is being conducted and monitored under a Type 1x Land Use permit (#LU 18-251306EN; attached).

Please share this information with anyone else you know who uses Columbia Children’s Arboretum and let me know if you/they have any questions.

Laura Guderyahn (she, they (either))
Ecologist | Lands Stewardship
Portland Parks & Recreation

Office Location: 8931 SE Flavel St, Portland, OR

Mailing Address: c/o Laura Guderyahn @ CNE (B-460)

Mt Tabor Yard, 6437 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97204
503-823-6736 (mobile)


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