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MCDD Partner in Wetland Restoration

MCDD, in partnership with the Friends of Columbia Children’s Arboretum, Friends of Blue Heron Wetlands, and Portland Parks and Recreation, was awarded $130,000! The money comes through a grant from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Natural Resource Damage Fund. 

The grant will pay for a five-year project to enhance two open areas in PEN 2. Over the five years, the project will restore 12.6-acres of habitat in the Columbia Children’s Arboretum as well as 3.5-acres surrounding the four wetland ponds that comprise the Blue Heron Wetlands. The current invasive plant cover will be removed and these acres will be replanted with native plants and shrubs in order to restore native vegetation communities, improve water quality and filtration, and improve the wildlife habitat and connectivity in the area. This project also helps PEN 2’s stormwater conveyance in those areas by clearing the invasive vegetation and opening up channels to increase flow. 

Many thanks to PEN 2 resident Maryhelen Kincaid for championing the project, bringing partners together, and making this work happen.

If you’re interested in helping, keep your eyes open over the next years for volunteer restoration opportunities.


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