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Land Use Committee Meeting

East Columbia Neighborhood Association Land Use Committee Meeting Notice

DATE: Tues. March 22, 2016 TIME: 6:45  to 8:30 p.m.

WHERE: Columbia Community Bible Church

420 NE Marine Dr.

Portland, OR 97211

CONTACT: Martha Johnston, ECNA Land Use Chair

PH: 503-720-5035 Cell, or ediplumb@gmail.com


1. Introductions & Announcements

2. Proposed; Local Transportation Infrastructure Charge (LTIC)

City Council March 30th, 2016

Document: www.portlandoregon.gov/transportation/68843

Speaker: Bill Hoffman, project Manager,

will present and answer questions on this new PBOT Proposal

This is being fast tracked through City Council and would add a Fee of

$600.00 per linear ft. Yes, that is correct, so if you have street frontage of

100Ft.= $60,000, 150 Ft of Rd frontage = $90,000, etc.

This fee would be required to be paid on any new development of 3 homes or less and would be payable before permits could be issued. Even in cases of Fire. This is particularly expensive in our large lotted East Columbia which has many R-10, R-20 and some RF Zones. Many comments wonder about how our flooding issues could be made worse with full street improvements with sidewalks, etc. Also, some properties are very irregular in shape and have 200 linear ft or more of frontage. You Do the Math for your own property…This would be on all Local service Streets.

This would be instead of the “Waiver of Remonstrance” and would allow a owner/builder to pay the fee immediately for immediate approval instead of the 6-9 month appeal process for the Waiver. However, the money is not guaranteed to stay on the street or neighborhood or even in NE Portland, It could supply funds to East County or even Pearl…

The current “Waiver System” that now exists (12,000 now) allows small owner/builders to waive the fee until a Local Improvement District (LID) provides for the 20 yr long term financing of design and improvements. Many questions have been coming in and many will be submitted in advance. What’s yours?

3. City Council Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan are now available for viewing at on line at: http://www.portlandonline.com/?c=58190&a=567120

Discussion on next steps for our ECNA Request for Amendment for our

6 or so neighbors on the south portion of NE Levee Rd who are petitioning council for a Comp Plan change from Industrial to R-20 Residential as are their surrounding neighbors. Unfortunately our proposed amendment was not put forward.

Council will take testimony on April 14th, 2016 At 6pm.

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4. Portland International Raceway (PIR) Master Plan Review

For More Info and additional comments for the record: contact /City of Portland Staff Planner mark.walhood@portlandoregon.gov until March 28th at 4PM sharp.

Speaker from Kenton NA has been invited to be on hand to answer questions

Comments on the plan will be accepted by the Portland Hearings officer or can be submitted to the above address.

We will be discussing your ECNA Board decision to support the Kenton Neighborhood Assoc. in objecting to 4 main points to the Plan.

1. Lack of Notification of involved neighbors

2. Proposed buildings and uses within the plan are not race related

3. Proposed paving projects are significant and extensive, representing

numerous negative environmental impacts on Open Space areas.

4. Noise impacts have been inadequately assessed.

5. Residential Infill Project (RIP). A Report will be discussed from Tatiana Xenelis Mendoza who is serving as our North/NE Portland Rep.

A City of Portland Committee, supporting by Planning and Bureau of

Development services (BDS) is meeting over the next year or so to bring varied interests to find common ground solutions to increasing density or infill housing. Large population increases are expected in Portland over the new 20 years.

Maybe 2 ADU’s anyone? For More Info: http://www.portlandoregon.gov/bps/infill

6. What’s Middle Housing? Amendments to the Portland Comprehensive Plan have included some massive Residential density increases in Town Center Zones from R-5 (5000.00 sq ft lots) to R-2.5 or R-2. Our North Portland Neighbors in the Arbor Lodge NA, Mr. Nate Young @ 503-679-9929 are very concerned at lack of notification and citizen involvement in the Fast tracked proposal….See City Council Comp Plan Amendments at:


7. A brief discussion on Portland’s Community Involvement Program

Documents: http://www.portlandoregon.gov/bps/70139

These are Implementation Codes proposed for the City of Portland Comprehensive Plan. This is also being fast tracked, as the draft just came out in March and is slated to go before City Council with comments due on March 30, 2016.

Please send comments to sara.wright@portlandoregon.gov

See You on Tuesday, March 22,2016 @6:45pm – 8:30pm


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