Local Issues

Slough Stories

You are invited to Slough Stories on Monday evening, November 17 (6:30 -8:00 PM).

The Columbia Slough Watershed Council celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and there are a thousand stories to tell.  We are working to document efforts large and small that have improved the Columbia Slough watershed and raised public awareness of the waterway and the region. We invite East Columbia residents as part of our watershed to the event to share a unique perspective and knowledge of what has happened here. Below is further information on Slough Stories and what to do next to get involved.

Any and all are welcome! More info can be found on our site at http://columbiaslough.org/index.php/events/event/361/.

Taylor Balakrishnan

Events Volunteer

Columbia Slough Watershed Council

7040 NE 47th Ave

Portland, OR 97218




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