Food insecurity

The weather is beautiful, fall is approaching, and my garden is giving me fresh produce for my table. Some folks aren’t as fortunate and have challenges purchasing fresh produce to feed their families. The need for fresh produce in our community is real, and our neighborhood can help fill the gap. Again, this summer, the East Columbia Neighborhood Association is running a Surplus Garden Produce food drive.

How it works: When your garden produces more than you can use, it can be collected and delivered to a bona fide food distribution charity. You grow and harvest it. We will pick up and deliver it. Over the past two years we have supplied food to the St. Johns Food Share, the St Paul Missionary Baptist Church, Dignity Village, and the Oregon Food Bank.

I’m gathering produce to make a donation in the near future. To donate contact Sally Beck 503-453-5864 or Gary Kunz 503-799-1803. We will pick it up from you, or you can bring it to us.