Tall grass

15 July 2022

As you all can see we are getting a lot of very tall grass and weeds around the neighborhood.  Last weekend, Mazzy supervised Gia, Michael, Shayla, Kyle, and some other guy while they mowed the Gertz Road Truck Trap.  That area was getting out of control and these neighbors decided to do something about it.  Thank you all for coming together to tackle that area.

At our last meeting, the neighborhood Board asked that I reach out to neighbors with tall grass and learn if anyone needs assistance getting theirs under control.  Rest assured, we are not becoming a lawn police!  Tall grass and weeds can harbor harmful rodents and can become a fire hazard.  If you have some overgrown areas, please mow them down.  If they are more than you can handle contact me and I’ll get you some assistance.

Gary Kunz, Chairman