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Neighbors Helping Neighbors PDX, an all-volunteer local nonprofit, has been serving North Portland houseless neighbors for just over six years by regularly collecting and disposing of trash.  This means that we help unsheltered folks to have healthier & safer living spaces as they face the challenges of living outside, AND we help keep our local streets, parks and natural areas trash-free. 

Please keep NHN PDX in mind if you see a way we might help with

  • community cleanups,
  • abandoned encampments, and/or
  • folks living outside who need regular trash service. 

We also are starting short Zoom trainings for groups and individuals on how to safely pick up used syringes; anyone who attends will receive a free sharps container to safely dispose of syringes. 

To give you an idea of what we have accomplished, here are some figures:

 12 months
Jan-April 2022
Total trash collected260,820 lbs117,860 lbs
Houseless persons served865202
Service hours volunteered2,6901,466 hrs

If you have any questions or know of a way we can help, please be in touch.  We look forward to hearing from you!

My best,


            Patt Opdyke
       Board Member & Program Manager

Neighbors Helping Neighbors PDX

               Bridging the gap between our
            housed and houseless neighbors

503.978.0540 (no text) ¤   NeighborsHelp12@gmail.com

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Give the gift of
your time and talents
Join our volunteer team in five easy steps.
1. Email NeighborsHelp12@gmail.com
for dates of volunteer safety
2. Attend a training.
3. Choose how you want to volunteer
and what day or days you are
4. Complete your volunteer application.
5. Show up!
P l e a s e j o i n w i t h u s t o d a y
t o b r i d g e t h e g a p b e t w e e n
o ur h o u s e d & h o u s e l e s s
n e i g h b o r s
Make a tax-deductible donation
Check – Make payable to Neighbors
Helping Neighbors PDX. Mail check to
4834 N. Lombard, Portland, OR 97203.
Online – Go to http://www.nhnpdx.org and click
on donate button. Options include PayPal
Giving and credit card.
Items – Check out the list of needed
supplies and equipment below. During
the year, we also send out special appeals
for personal care items, clothing, blankets,
or sleeping bags. To deliver, email us at
All gifts – financial or in-kind – help us
make a difference in North Portland
neighborhood livability and the
health/safety of our houseless neighbors.
Neighbors Helping Neighbors PDX is a
federal 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.
B r i d g i n g t h e g a p
b e t w e e n o ur h o us e d &
h o u s e l e s s n e i g h b o r s
Frequently Asked
Contact us
Telephone – 503-978-0540
Website – http://www.nhnpdx.org
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/
Email – NeighborsHelp12@gmail.com
Mail – 4834 N. Lombard
Portland, OR 97203
Supplies and
equipment needs
Trash bags (30 gal.)
Bottled water
Garden/heavy duty gloves
Safety vestsWho we are
We are a local all-volunteer nonprofit
dedicated to enhancing North Portland
neighborhood livability; protecting local
watersheds and natural areas; and
making the living conditions of our
houseless neighbors healthier and safer.
How we started
In spring 2016, Terrance Moses, a retired
serviceman and Kenton resident, saw a
need to reduce friction between
neighbors—neighbors who are housed
and unsheltered neighbors who live in
small local camps in tents, cars and RVs.
The primary source of irritation was the
presence of trash around the campsites.
With support of neighbors, Terrance
created a free, weekly trash collection
What we do
We serve houseless folks in North
Portland by
1. Distributing trash bags to folks living
in camps providing a way for them to
keep their living area tidy;
2. Collecting trash bags weekly and
taking bags to the dump;
3. Offering water, sandwiches, personal
care items, and clothing (when
available) to camp dwellers on trash
collection days.
Why we do it
We recognize that trash can be a
safety/health hazard and is upsetting to
all our neighbors whether they live in a
home with regular trash collection days
or are living unsheltered. Our experience
is that most folks living outside
appreciate the opportunity to clean up
their campsites and readily participate in
bagging and helping to load trash bags.
Our volunteers are committed to
providing a service that meets the needs
of camp dwellers with respect for their
privacy, dignity and circumstances. Our
aim is to serve the 11 North Portland
neighborhoods resulting in cleaner
streets and encampments, and reducing
friction between our housed and
houseless neighbors.
Who supports us
In addition to the support of our
community and neighbors, Peninsula Odd
Fellows Lodge, Metro, City of Portland,
and North Portland Neighborhood
Services are some of our partners.
What you can do
We welcome your help. If you have a few
hours to give each month, here are some
of the ways that you can help us help
1. Join a team collecting trash/debris
and loading trash bags at campsites
on Saturdays or weekdays. We
provide trash bags, grabbers, gloves,
safety vests and necessary tools.
2. Participate in site-specific special
cleanup events.
3. Make PBJ sandwiches for distribution
to folks living outside;
4. Donate supplies, clothes, or dollars to
cover cost of water, garbage bags,
equipment, and gas; or
5. Assist with important program tasks
such as tracking volunteer hours,
updating our website or serving as
our media liaison.
We provide a volunteer safety training
and orientation.
See the need – Meet the need
Do you see encampments in your neighborhood that need
regular trash collection? Let us know!