ECNA is invited too!

Bridgeton Neighborhood Association Spring Clean Up
May 21, 2022 • 9:00am – 2:00 pm
Get rid of household junk at the Bridgeton Neighborhood
Spring Clean Up event. Dispose oversized trash items,
furniture, wood, metal and secure paper shredding.
>>>> Volunteers Wanted <<<<
Wake up to Starbucks coffee & Marsee’s
donuts and help refresh our households.
Sign up to volunteer with Gorgy: gorgyag@gmail.com

• Bulky items
• Plastics • Metals • Mattresses
• Appliances (no refrigerators or microwaves)
• Electronics (no monitors or TVs)
• Paint – Used paint will go to Metro Paint
• Paper – Secure shredding!

Suggested $5 donation
per large item or bag.
Donations help fund BNA
events & clean ups!

Drop Locations on Bridgeton Rd
• 207 N. Bridgeton
• NE 1st Place (near 154 NE Bridgeton)
No Hazardous Materials or
Construction debris, kitchen
waste, poisons, toxic,
flammable, or combustible
materials like pesticides,
herbicides, poisons, waste
motor oil, antifreeze, automotive
fluids, and household chemicals,
fluorescent bulbs, tires, or