Neighborhood association meeting

ECNA Board Meeting Agenda 

7:00 pm Wednesday

13 April 2022 – ZOOM/In Person

Anticipated Attendees

In Person: Gary K, Carl E, Patrick H, Sally B

Zoom: Elizabeth R, Helene H, Karen M, Shayla G

Consider Kenton letter to PP&R

  •  Regarding use of leaded fuel at PIR – Previously sent to you

List of Neighborhood Association requirements for people. – Gary

  • Board members
  • News Letter
  • Web Master
  • Land Use committee
  • Transportation committee
  • Parks committee
  • Public Safety Action Committee representative   PSAC.nne.pdx=gmail.com@mlsend.com
  • Block Captains
  • Clean Air representative
  • Doers Organization representative
  • Garden Produce program manager
  • BEECN and NET participants

Planning summer events

  • Block/Street parties
  • Progressive Dinner
  • Garden Produce gathering/distribution
  • Arboretum construction completion – Gyrid/BNA

News Letter in April – Shayla

  • Delivery group search?
  • Potential liability from “Scouts delivery”? – Gary

Block Captains

    From March – Sally says we need Block Captains.  Carl and Patrick agree and say we should promote Phone Trees and try to get everyone to join one. Block Captains can assist with News Letter distribution and Phone Tree management.  ACTION NEEDED – How do we accomplish this?

IBR Concepts – Nothing new

Zoom Link:                

Meeting ID: 862 3473 5626    Passcode: 736865