Bridge Replacement Project

The government is currently planning an Interstate Bridge Replacement (IBR) Project, and we are at a critical stage where
we have an opportunity to influence its design – a design that can either worsen our neighborhoods for decades to come,
or vastly improve them to the envy of other small communities. Please read on and weigh in with your opinions!
A. Concerns for our neighborhoods:
 There is the potential for damage to our neighborhoods from a poorly-considered IBR project.
 Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) projects a doubling of truck traffic from Marine Dr. by 2035.
o Freight traffic along Marine Dr. is damaging to our neighborhood.
o Diverting freight traffic away from Marine Drive east of the interchange would be beneficial.
 Local access between Bridgeton, East Columbia, Kenton and Hayden Island that avoids interacting with I-5 or
its feeder routes would be beneficial to all four communities.
B. A holistic approach to the local traffic plan needs to be developed along with state and federal policymakers that
 the IBR project, including construction of a secondary bridge for local traffic to Hayden Island, as well as
replacing the old I-5 bridge with a bigger, seismically updated one.
 integrating IBR design elements with local PBOT and Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)
 the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) levee improvement project along Marine Dr.
 consideration of neighborhood traffic flow.
 a long-term public amenity plan for waterfront property where roads enter I-5 once the City takes over all the
land for IBR; a recreational and entertainment “North Waterfront Park” that could rival the ones downtown and
in Vancouver.
C. Plans should include:
 Disincentivizing of direct truck traffic between Marine Dr. and I-5. See diagram.
o Install a traffic light @ 33rd Ave.
o Install a flashing light & crosswalk across Marine Dr. at Bridgeton Rd. for 40 Mile Loop traffic.
o Install a roundabout at Marine Dr. and 6th Dr. wide enough for trucks, routing them southward on 6th
Dr. and thence either north onto I-5 or south onto MLK Jr. Blvd. as a primary local access route.
o Thereby make Columbia Blvd. & Lombard the preferred routes for truck traffic going onto I-5, and
relieving rush-hour backups.
 Install access for truck traffic from Columbia Blvd. directly onto I-5 North.
 Route local traffic to Hayden Island along N. Vancouver Way north to a new bridge going from Expo Rd to N.
Center Ave. on the island.
D. Input from the people living in East Columbia is vitally needed, and soon.
 Ask the agencies involved for details about what they are planning – we need to know.
o ODOT & WDOT seem to be in charge of most of the IBR planning.
 ODOT Director’s Office
 355 Capitol St. NE, MS11, Salem, OR 97301-3871
 1-888-275-6368
o You might say, “I live in East Columbia. We would like to see in detail what is being considered as to
construction plans for roads, interchanges, etc. on the Oregon side of the IBR project.”
 Relay your thoughts on these issues to me so I can put together a statement that represents what the
people in East Columbia want to happen with this IBR Project. What parts of the above do you agree with,
what do you disagree with, and what do you have to add?
 If you are interested in more information about the IBR by email, please let me know.
Patrick Henry
East Columbia Neighborhood Association (ECNA) Land Use Chairman
503-974-4947Bridgeton Neighborhood Association (BNA) NE 6th Drive Plan (Revised 2-8-2022)