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Recent News Plan to Strengthen the Portland Metro Levee System Approved For the last three years, we have been working with the US Army Corps of Engineers to complete a congressionally authorized feasibility study of the local flood safety infrastructure.  The final study, which includes the Corps’ recommendations to make the system more reliable and resilient for the next fifty years and beyond, was recently approved by the Chief of Engineers, marking a major milestone in our efforts to secure federal funding for levee improvements.  Next, the study will go through additional review to determine if it will go to Congress for authorization and funding. If approved, the recommended improvements will: Address points of weakness that could result in levee breaches or overtoppingReduce the risk of internal floodingBuild a levee next to the railroad embankment that breached in 1948 leading to the destruction of the City of Vanport and displacement of more than 18,500 people Click here to learn more about the study. Life Along the Columbia: Stories from Behind the Levee   With the start of the rainy season comes an increased risk of flooding within the drainage districts.  As MCDD staff prepare for the flood season, now is a good time to prepare yourself as well by making a plan, building a supply kit, and staying informed This Fall, we are building awareness around flood risk in the area by showcasing a collection of stories called Life Along the Columbia.  These stories are told by a diverse group of individuals who live, work, or recreate within the levee system. From October 4th to November 22nd, you can follow a new story each week on our social media platforms to learn more about how these individuals relate to the floodplain, and reflect on your own relationship to the area. Interact with these posts on social media (see links below) and be entered to win a free emergency kit! This collection was recorded at the 2019 Columbia Slough Regatta, and was created in partnership with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Follow Multnomah County Drainage District! Facebook Facebook Twitter Twitter LinkedIn LinkedIn Instagram (LRC) Instagram (LRC) Get Involved Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan Survey As we work to be added to Multnomah County’s Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan update, we are seeking input from people who live, work, or own property within the levee protected area.  Please complete this survey by October 31st to share your thoughts about natural hazards and potential ways to mitigate their impacts.   The draft plan is anticipated to be available for public comment in January. Click here to learn more. Upcoming Events! Join us for these upcoming events in partnership with SOLVE to help clean-up areas important to ongoing flood safety along the Columbia River and the Slough. Schmeer Road Clean-up When: Thursday, October 14th from 10am to 1pm  Meeting Location: 1501 N Schmeer Road Register Here 142nd Cross Levee Clean-up When: Thursday, October 21st from 10am to 1pm Meeting Location: West of the Javlin Logistics Building at 5545 NE 148th Ave, Suite B. Register Here   From Our Partners Green Infrastructure Landowner Survey Our partners with the Columbia Slough Watershed Council, a local nonprofit working to protect and enhance the Columbia Slough, are looking to hear from local businesses and landowners as they work to better include commercial and industrial lands into their habitat restoration efforts, while helping preserve and enhance operations for businesses along the Slough.   If you operate a business or own land in the area, please complete this short, anonymous survey to help the Council better understand how they can work with you to protect clean water and a healthy environment for those who work, live, and recreate in the watershed. Local businesses and landowners who complete this survey by December 1st, 2021 will be invited to enter into a random drawing for a chance to win one of two prizes!    Take the survey here https://www.columbiaslough.org/blog/survey    For interested businesses and landowners, the Council is also offering free site consultation to identify methods and cost share incentives to help enhance the Slough on your property! Find out more at the link above.   Our Mission: To enhance community safety and support the region’s vitality by reducing flood risk, maintaining our levee system, managing drainage, and responding to emergencies. Peninsula Drainage District #1 | Peninsula Drainage District #2 Multnomah County Drainage District #1 | Sandy Drainage Improvement Company   Copyright © 2019 Multnomah County Drainage District #1, all rights reserved.