PIR noise


Dear Neighbors,
We would like to inform you that in our original notification, we mentioned a second weekend of shows on May
28-30, 2021. With respect to PIR and Kenton Neighborhood’s ongoing tradition of a quiet Memorial Day
Weekend, those show dates have changed to May 21-22, 2021. No other changes have been made, but
clear communication with the residents of Kenton Neighborhood is very important to us and we felt the need to
notify you of the updated event schedule.

Red Cube Productions, LLC is proposing socially distanced drive-in concerts expecting 307 cars, with
1535 total attendees at Portland International Raceway (1809 N Broadacre Rd, Portland, OR 97217)
featuring international touring dance music DJs and live bands on May 21-22, 2021 from 4pm-10pm.
We intend to perform a sound check around 3pm on both days of the event, followed by four hours of
music once the event begins. The concert will begin at 6pm and ends at 10pm sharp, at which point we
will be enforcing a very strict sound curfew.
To put Event sound levels in perspective with other common measurements:

100-110 dBA – Train warning horns at residences along Columbia Blvd.
90 dBA – Truck or motorcycle traffic in street outside residences
80 dBA – Heavy truck traffic noise at residences along Columbia Blvd.
80 dBA – Garbage disposal in a kitchen
78 dBA – Loudest variance noise levels at closest residence
70 dBA – Average daytime noise levels residences along Columbia Blvd
70 dBA – Vacuum cleaner at 10 feet
65 dBA – Normal PIR operations (105 limit) measured at closest residence
65 dBA – Normal Event sound measured at closest residence
60 dBA – Average nighttime noise levels along Columbia Blvd.

How we will monitor sound levels:

Along with close monitoring of the Kenton Neighborhood and PIR sound meters from arrival until departure,
our sound engineers will be equipped with sound meters to measure at the event as well as surrounding
neighborhoods. In the event the dB level surpasses the threshold, the sound engineer will immediately adjust
the volume accordingly. Smaller speakers will be positioned in such a way to be the least obtrusive as possible
for our neighbors to the north and south. Below is a noise calculation graph created by our audio company to
show the estimated sound travel.

We have applied to the City of Portland for a code variance request from the City Noise Code, Title 18. You
have a legal right to offer public comment on our Code variance request and may offer input or complaints at
any point to the City of Portland. If we do not meet the conditions of our variance decision, the City retains the
right to revoke our temporary variation of the City Code.

It is our goal to be a good neighbor and to comply with all conditions set by the City’s Noise Control

If you have any questions you can reach Paul Song at paul@redcubepdx.net.
During our event times, please contact Paul or Ian at 971-350-9065 for an immediate response to any of your
If you have questions for the City’s Noise Control Office, please call 503-823-7350.
If you have questions about the quasi-judicial code variance decision process, or if you have complaints you
wish to share with the City, you can contact the City’s Noise Control Office at noise@portlandoregon.gov.
Thank you for your support.
Paul Song (Owner)
Red Cube Productions, LLC