Bring a grocery store to Hayden Island

The Hayden Island community and surrounding trade area supported Safeway for 57 years (1962 through 2018). The community was very disappointed with Safeway’s departure. The majority of residents, boaters, and businesses on the island as well as surrounding neighborhoods are interested in bringing back a neighborhood grocery store.

We believe that Hayden Island and the surrounding trade area is capable of supporting a grocery story on the island. Sign our petition, thus agreeing that you are willing to support a neighborhood grocer on Hayden Island. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A RESIDENT OF OREGON. THIS IS NOT A VOTING PETITION Please also type your zip code in the comment section. Grocers will be interested in the width of the market area around Hayden Island. ​Questions call Joyce Morrelli 503-312-6536 email jemo@windermere.com   Sign up now and have your friends and family over 18 years sign too!!                                     Jantzen-beach.com