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Cultural exchange

Summer cultural exchange opportunity for families in the East Columbia Neighborhood

Host a student from France, Spain, or Japan for 2 – 4 weeks in July, August, or September and build connections across the world through friendship! The international students are coming to share cultures, practice English, and become part of an American family. Some students will be taking English classes from 9am to 5pm, M-F, at Portland State, while others will be immersed in their host families’ daily lives and will not have any scheduled program obligations. Students bring their own spending money and are covered by comprehensive medical and accident insurance. Families receive orientation materials, 24/7 support, and a small hosting stipend. ANDEO is a local nonprofit that has been connecting families and students since 1981. Hosting is a wonderful way to learn about another culture first-hand while creating fun summer memories with a new friend. Apply at or contact Kayla Frost at or 503-274-1776 for more info.


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