Local Issues

ECNA Land Use & Housing Vitality Forum


Thursday, April 06, 2017
7:00 – 8:30 PM
Columbia Community Bible Church
420 NE Marine Dr.
Portland, OR.

1. Why did BES (BUREAU OF ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES) purchase 5-6 (approximate) larger parcel properties and what is the current proposal to purchase the western 17 acres of the Brandwein (between ne South Shore R. and NE Meadow Dr. west of NE 13th Ave) property?
2.  Which program did the city tap to pay over a million dollars for these property purchases ?  Did city PDX City Council approve these purchases?  What mission plan is in place?
3. With city ownership, does this property contribute to our tax base?
4. Penn2 (Peninsula Drainage District #2) drainage assessment; will the city pick up their portion of the fees or will the private property owners pick up the tab?
5. The ECNA NRMP (Natural Resources Management Plan) has been guiding development since 1990.  What input from our ECNA plan and formal communications will BES have with the neighbors about future land divisions and use of these properties including the upland portions?
6. Will dividing off the wetlands terminate the aggregate concepts formula for maintaining future housing?

Open Discussion.

Martha Johnston (503-720-5035)
Land Use Committee Chair

ps – Martha relayed this to me on 3/29. Apologies for the delay in posting. – LL


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