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MCDD dredging notice

USACE Dredging Permit – Notice
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USACE Dredging Permit Notice

April 30, 2014

The Districts’ mission is to provide adequate stormwater conveyance, stormwater storage, flood control, and habitat restoration.  To achieve this mission, the Districts must meet federal standards for flood protection systems.  Currently, we are renewing a dredging permit through the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) which will enable us to complete projects that will keep us in line with federal standards and reduce the risk of flooding for landowners.  These projects will help keep our Districts dry and safe.  Please see our website for a summary of the projects and associated maps at http://www.mcdd.org/publications-media/public-notices/ .  If you would like additional information on the projects or permit application please contact Sunny Simpkins at 503-281-5675 ext. 313 or ssimpkins@mcdd.org.

1880 NE Elrod Dr. 
Portland, OR 97211

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