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33rd Drive Industrial Plans Afoot

by Maryhelen Kincaid, ECNA Board Co-Chair and Land Use Committee Chair

Port of Portland has proposed a conceptual development for their property located on NE 33rd Drive, near NE Marine Drive, as warehousing, light manufacturing or food processing. Notice about this possible development is required of the port by the Airport Futures Project, creator of the Airport District Plan. This port property is in the Middle Columbia Slough Subdistrict, a part of the Airport District Plan.

The property is zoned IG2, which the city code says is intended “… to allow new development which is similar in character to existing development. The intent is to promote viable and attractive industrial areas.” City code also states “IG2 areas generally have larger lots and an irregular or large block pattern. The area is less developed, with sites having medium and low building coverages and buildings which are usually set back from the street.” The complete applicable code is in Title 33.140.

To express our concerns about this proposal, the ECNA board will submit a letter to both the port and the city before the April 2 PDX Community Advisory Committee meeting. At this time, without any defined plans or concepts, we have three main concerns:

  • Increased traffic, especially freight traffic, could affect safety and livability for our neighborhood. We’ll request the city to require a Transportation Impact Analysis as part of the permitting process. We’ll also ask the city to look at their transportation plan and provide a plan for bike and pedestrian access, as well as TriMet service, to the site.

  • We’ll request the city to require consultation with its own Noise Control Officer to determine best practices for the siting of the buildings. This could provide noise abatement and avoid later issues with operational noise and the costs associated with retrofits and redesigns.

  • With the addition of a minimum of 60+ acres of impervious surface, we’ll express our concerns about the impacts of stormwater runoff and its handling. We’ll ask for technical reports and consultation with Multnomah County Drainage District on this concern.

Because of spring vacation, no specific proposed development and other factors, we were unable to schedule an ECNA land use meeting before the April 2 Community Advisory Committee meeting. ECNA board members are following this closely and will report updates as they occur. There’s even a possibility that this land won’t be developed after all.

To express your own concerns about this “conceptual development” or learn more: Attend the community meeting on Wednesday, April 2, from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m., in the 8th floor Chinook Conference Room at Port of Portland Headquarters (address below). Mail written comments to Mark Witsoe or David Pfeiffer at Port of Portland, 7200 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR 97218; or e-mail them to mark.witsoe@portofportland.com or david.pfeiffer@portofportland.com. For more details, call Mark at 503-415-6219. DEADLINE FOR THEM TO RECEIVE COMMENTS IS APRIL 2, 5:30 P.M.


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