East Columbia Neighborhood Association Meeting
Columbia Community Bible Church
Thursday 23 March
7:00n pm In-Person and via ZOOM

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Meeting ID: 835 6949 1052 Passcode: 198661
This is a tough scheduling month so I’ve moved our March meeting to Thursday the 23rd. You
are invited to join us in-person, or via Zoom at 7:00 pm.
A representative from MCDD will address us beginning with:
 Landowner responsibilities versus Drainage District responsibilities, and in some events,
Police Responsibilities before and during high water (FLOOD) events.
In April and/or May, follow-on discussions will walk us through the Flood Emergency Action
Plans for our area.


Participate in the Climate Investment Plan development process

There are four major rounds of input in the CIP development process: 

Round 1: Project overview and accessibility survey (completed January 2023)

Before launching efforts to write a plan, we listened to what you needed to participate in the Climate Investment Plan process. Read the recap of what you told us and how we’ve responded.

Round 2: Community visioning and priorities (in progress)

We heard from a diverse range of stakeholders to develop a vision of what’s possible when we invest in community-grounded solutions to address the climate crisis.

We hosted three public workshops to collect input: one for community members, one for nonprofits, and an open virtual session. Also available was an online survey that asked the same questions as the public workshops, which provided an additional avenue for engagement. Roundtable conversations with subject matter experts were also convened to inform our strategies and solutions.

Round 3. Preliminary draft (March to April 2023)

Using information collected from workshops, subject-matter roundtables, relevant community studies, research, and best practices, a preliminary draft of the Climate Investment Plan will be released for public review and comment. The preliminary draft will contain proposed funding allocations, strategies, and goals. The following opportunities are available to provide input on the preliminary draft, which is anticipated to be released on March 15:

Round 4. Full Climate Investment Plan draft (May 2023)

After considering comments from the preliminary draft, PCEF staff will refine a full draft of the Climate Investment Plan and circulate it for public review and comment. The full draft will contain more detail on program elements and updated goals and strategies. The following opportunities will be offered:

  • May 2-16, 2023: Public comment period open for the full Climate Investment Plan draft
  • May 4: Virtual information session explaining the full Climate Investment Plan draft
  • May 10: Listening session #1
  • May 15: Listening session #2



Michelle Comer (she/her/hers)


Cell: 503.964.7127


Join us for a community conversation about Environmental Services and how we charge sewer and stormwater rates to deliver essential services

Environmental Services sets sewer and stormwater rates based on the cost of providing sewer and stormwater services, which are essential for protecting public health and the environment. Environmental Services staff are recommending an update to the way we charge rates. City and bureau equity and affordability goals have informed development of the recommended approach. 


It’s time to reach out to members of the public and our community partners to share our recommended approach and hear your feedback. We also have several specific technical questions that will benefit from community input. 

Who:     Representatives from community organizations, commercial and industrial businesses, and other interested Environmental Services ratepayers. 

Please note:  the technical discussion sessions will cover a lot of details. These sessions are meant to provide a deep dive into the findings of the technical analysis.  If this sounds like something you or someone you know may be interested in, RSVP at the link below.  Please feel free to forward this invite to others.

What:    A presentation and conversation about updating the way Environmental Services charges rates. 

When: We are offering three online sessions via Zoom at different times of the day/week so that people can choose which session works best for them. Please click the link below to register for the session you would like to attend.

Where: These discussions will take place online via Zoom.  Please RSVP at the link above.

Why:    Engagement with community members and ratepayers will help inform how BES implements the updated rate structure. Our hope is to engage with you in a way that allows for deep technical discussion while also giving space for people from non-technical backgrounds to contribute and learn.  

If you need language assistance or other assistance to be able to fully participate, please let us know. We will reach out to you directly to support your participation. 


Other Opportunities to Participate: 

Informational Presentations

Environmental Services will be offering more informal and less technical information sessions throughout the community. These informational presentations will occur throughout the spring and early summer.   

Office Hours 

Environmental Services employees will be available for one-on-one meetings for deeper conversations about specific technical topics or to answer specific questions in more detail.  

If you are interested in attending office hours or one of the informational presentations, or you would like to schedule a presentation for your organization or event, please let us know by emailing Aaron Abrams at Aaron.Abrams@Portlandoregon.gov or calling 503-823-2827. 

Council Adoption 

Changes are planned to go into effect starting in July 2024. Proposals will be voted on by City Council in the first half of 2024. 

Learn more about this project and sign up for project updates

You can learn more about this project by visiting the project website at portland.gov/BES/aligning-rates-and-charges.

Visit the project webpage to sign up for updates on how we invest in our system, and how we set and adjust our rates through our free GovDelivery subscription service. These updates are the best way to stay informed about what’s happening and what to expect. You can also sign up for bulletins on other projects and topics. 

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or comments.

Take care,



Aaron Abrams

Community Outreach Program Manager

(he/him)  Why do I list my pronouns?

City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services 

1120 SW 5th Avenue, Room 1000, Portland, Oregon 97204
Phone: 503-823-2827 | Cell: 503-823-1138


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Columbia Slough Watershed Council and PP&R planting event at Columbia Children’s Arboretum

Volunteer Event

Join Portland Parks & Recreation and Columbia Slough Watershed Council to plant native flowers, ferns, and shrubs this beautiful (and newly renovated) park!

March 25, 2023 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Project details: Join Portland Parks & Recreation and Columbia Slough Watershed Council to improve the habitat of Columbia Children’s Arboretum. This park has been under construction since spring of 2022, and is open once again! We invite you to come check out the new fully ADA accessible cement path and upgraded picnic areas in the northern portion of the park, while also adding native plants to the forested parts of the park.  ​​​​​​

Everyone welcome, and no experience necessary! Volunteers will be planting native flowers, ferns, and shrubs. Work will involve digging and walking on un-even, muddy ground. Children welcome and must be accompanied by an attentive adult. See below for important information about what to expect, and what to wear and bring to the event.

Location: Columbia Children’s Arboretum (10040 NE 6th Dr, Portland 97211)

A reminder email will be sent to registered participants 1-2 days before the event from ; please read the reminder email for updated and detailed instructions. 

REGISTRATION REQUIRED  Click here to register. 

Questions: For more information contact Yoko Silk at yoko.silk@portlandoregon.gov; 503-278-1341.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering to keep Portland’s natural area parks healthy, beautiful, and safe for people and wildlife! 

Here are a few tips to get you ready for your stewardship event.

  • Registration is requested for all stewardship events.  
  • Stay home if you are experiencing symptoms of any contagious illness or have had recent contact with someone exhibiting symptoms of any illness, or have tested positive for Covid-19.  There will be other opportunities to volunteer!
  • Face coverings are not required. We do encourage volunteers to wear them inside shared spaces (such as the portable toilet/bathroom). 
  • Bring a water bottle! Coffee/tea, snacks and water will be provided.
  • Instruction, tools and gloves will be provided for anyone who does not have their own.
  • In order to ensure your comfort and safety, please remember to dress for the weather, wear closed-toe, sturdy shoes; long pants and long-sleeved shirts; and be ready to get dirty! 
  • Unless otherwise noted, all events are family-friendly and all ages are welcome to participate. However, children under 14 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult for the duration of the event. We encourage you to attend events with members of your household/family!  
  • While groups are welcome to join many of our regularly scheduled stewardship events, please contact the event coordinator listed in the description before arriving with a group. This will ensure that there are enough gloves and tools and project tasks for everyone. We are also available to schedule special service events at your group’s convenience during the week or on weekends. Learn more about programs for groups


Columbia Children’s Arboretum


Park Location or Entrance 10040 NE 6th Drive
Portland, OR 97211

Get Directions


Yoko Silk (she/her/hers)

Natural Areas Stewardship Coordinator and Interim YCC Sponsor




Parks, recreation, and activities



  Volunteers Are Needed at thePortland Business District CleanupWednesday, March 15, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM  Lend a Hand to Enrich Portland’s Business District
SOLVE is excited to have you in attendance for the March Portland Business District Cleanup, sponsored by The Standard. With spring quickly approaching, there could not be a better time to get involved with improving and beautifying our beloved city! Cleanup supplies and instructions will be provided. Help welcome the change of seasons with SOLVE by spending time outdoors and engaging with your fellow community members.Click the button below to register!PORTLAND BUSINESS DISTRICT CLEANUP
Sponsored by
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Take a look at our event calendar for additional volunteer opportunities!
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