About ECNA


ECNA Meetings

Neighborhood Meetings are held quarterly on the 2nd Tuesday of February, May, August and November from 7 to 8:30pm currently on Zoom. To get the link, please contact neighborhood chair Gary Kunz

All are Welcome!

ECNA Board and Committee members

Gary M. Kunz garymkunz@comcast.net                                                  Chairman

Sally Beck seagalsgold@sandbergpdx

Ron Beck

Ron Myers rrmyers2018@msn.com

Karen Myers rrmyers2018@msn.com                                                      Treasurer

Helene Henry heleniegreenie@gmail.com                                             Secretary            

Patrick Henry patrickhenryinator@gmail.com                                      Land Use Committee

Shayla, Kyle, Mazzy Garcia garcia1210NESS@gmail.com                  News Letter


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